School History
St. Joseph’s College has a history of over 135 years. It was established by the Christian Brothers (De La Salle Brothers) who came to Hong Kong in 1875 upon the request of Bishop Raimondi. The Brothers were entrusted with St. Saviour School in Pottinger Street and St. Lewis Reformatory in West Point. They renamed the school as St. Joseph’s College in honour of the Patron of their Institute. The College was soon recognized by the society and parents for the quality of education it provided. It continued to expand until it settled in the present premises at Kennedy Road in 1918. For many years the College held classes for Primary 5 and 6 only. With the rapid growth in numbers of classes in the secondary school after the War, the establishing of a separate Primary School on another site was necessary. The Education Department offered a site at Morrison Hill which the Brothers accepted. A generous Grant from the Government and donations from benefactors and Old Boys enabled the Brothers to put up an excellent school building and the school was officially opened on December 17, 1968.