The Executive Committee

I. Consultants:
Principal Miss C. Ho
II. Parent Members by election:
Chairperson Mr. David Da Rosa Augusto
Vice-Chairperson Mr. Andrew Wong
Treasurer Mr. Frankie Lee
Secretary Mr. Gary Chu
Mr. Wilson Lo
Welfare Coordinator Ms. Sara Chan
Mr. Franky Chong
Mr. Nelson Wan
Liaison Officer Mr. Derek Chan
Mr. Chris Chan
Ms. Bonnie Wong
Ms. Joanne Chau
III. Teacher Members by election:
Vice-Chairperson Miss I. Leung
Treasurer Miss M. Lam
Secretary Miss E. Lowe
Miss SF Leung
Welfare Coordinator Miss D. Ng
Miss N. Tong
Liaison Officer Miss G. Yau
Miss C. Go
IV. Honorary Personnels
Honorary Legal Adviser Ms Asha Sharma
Honorary Company Secretary Mr Anthony Woo
Honorary Auditor Mr Tony Ng 伍國棟 (Tony Kwok Tung Ng & Co.)

Honorary Members :

I. Former Principals:
inception of PTA in 1996 to 2002 Mr Y C Yung 容英焯
2002 to 2008 Ms J Leung 梁賦鈿
2008 to 2010 Ms M Tam 譚敏儀
II. Former Chairpersons:
1996 to 1998 Mr Anthony Lam 林冠新
1998 to 1999 Ms Elizabeth Dai 戴季媛
1999 to 2000 Mr Winston Town 湯竣鈞
2000 to 2005 Ms Clara Ng 伍穎賢
2005 to 2008 Ms Nicole Tang 鄧寶珠
2008 to 2010 Mrs Elizabeth Lee 李唐麗萍
2010 to 2011 Mr Norbert Yue 余定邦
2011 to 2014 Mr John Chan 陳志仁
2014 to 2015 Mr Tony Lai 黎國雄
2015 to 2016 Mr Carl Leung 梁家駒
2016 to 2017 Ms Jennie Yip 葉碧如
2017 to 2018 Mr Sin Kai Chi Anthony
2018 to 2019 Mr David Da Rosa Augusto
2019 to 2020 Mr David Da Rosa Augusto