We aim to touch the hearts of the students confided to our care; in turn they touch the hearts of many more in our society, our country, our world with the talents and virtues they developed in their young years.
The mission of St. Joseph’s Primary School is to educate students in areas of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development. This process will take place in an environment conducive to learning and in the context of interaction between staff and students.
We believe that our mission and spirit is to impart a human and Christian education to those entrusted to our care within the Lasallian family, and to do so with FAITH and ZEAL.
We believe that in co-operation with parents we work to form the minds and characters of students and become transformed in the process as teacher and student help each other grow as persons.
We believe that success in school means more than good examination results. Students must learn how to learn, to think and to live virtuously.
Our mission is successful when our students
  • understand and accept themselves and others,
  • clearly know what they believe and why they believe,
  • possess social awareness and a sense of responsibility for the common good.