Aims and Objectives
  • To developing students’ visual cognition, perceptual abilities, generic skills and moral values with special emphasis on arts and aesthetics
  • To maximise their artistic potentials in appreciating and creating artwork of various media and forms aesthetically and critically
  • Features
    Having e-learning as one of our new dimensions, we hope to cultivate students to become intrinsic learners of visual arts. Students are encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts through the open-ended artistic presentations.
    To provide a wider scope of artistic exposures to students, our school has collaborated with HKACA to organize different art workshops, for instance, Ukulele Design Workshop and Climate Change Awareness Art Workshop. Besides, our school has joined the art campaign ‘Butterfly x Street Art’ co- organised by Green Power and Butterfly Explorer and painted pictures on the stairs of Wood Road adjacent to our school campus. Given the opportunity and experience to beautify the community, the students found the event very meaningful!