Aims and Objectives
Extra-curricular activities enable children to explore the world around them in a fun and meaningful way. The activities serve as an outlet for their limitless energy and curiosity so that they can grow into healthy, all-rounded teenagers with a wider spectrum of knowledge and experiences gained beyond textbooks. Besides, the activities provide opportunities for children to explore different areas of interests and help them develop social skills to communicate with others and work collaboratively with others. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities offered below.
Athletic Team Volleyball Team
Badminton Team Basketball Team
Dancing Club Football Team
Rugby Team Rope Skipping
Swimming Team Table-tennis Team
Choirs Chinese Orchestra
Percussion Band Handchime Team
String Orchestra School Orchestra
African Drum Symphonic Band
Chinese Instrumental Classes iJam Music Course
Chamber Music Ensemble Western Instrumental Classes
Chinese Debate Team Maths Olympiad Class
Chinese Public Speaking Class Science Workshop
English Debate Team STEM Team
English Public Speaking Class Discovery Education Coding
Maths Olympiad Teams
Uniform Groups
Grasshopper Red Cross
Cub Scouts Young Pioneers of Christ
German Classes First Holy Communion
Spanish Classes Puppetry Workshop
Drama Team Student Librarian & Reading Club
Community Youth Club Board Games