Aims and Objectives
  • To provide students with quality music education which enables students to learn music through listening, performing and appreciating
  • To develop students’ aesthetic sensitivity, creativity and emotional intelligence capabilities
  • To sustain students’ interest and abilities in music appreciation and performances
  • Features
    Values Education is an essential element of whole-person education which aims at fostering students’ Areas/subjects and the provision of relevant learning experiences.
    Music is sound, it is not the symbols written on a page. We hope to facilitate students’ all-round development and promote a life-long interest in music.
    We have implemented different teaching strategies to arouse students’ interest in learning music such as, music apps, sound projects and music composition through different media. Various genres of music are taught in music lessons, for example, rhymes, religious, classical, Jazz, Chinese opera, musicals and African music etc. We believe that our students can bring music alive in different ways.
    There are 9 music teams in our school including junior choir, senior choir, string orchestra, symphonic band, chamber music ensemble, handchime team, handchime choir ensemble, percussion band and Chinese instrumental ensemble. We also organise a wide range of instrumental classes and African drum class for students. They learn instruments continuously and practise constantly, which enhances their instrumental techniques through the guidance of the professional instructors. Through the year-round trainings, students gain enjoyment and satisfaction and establish positive values and attitudes.
    Efforts are put to cultivate students’ abilities in music appreciation by encouraging them to attend and participate in different musical concerts. Concert serves as a platform for our students to experience public performance and showcase their music talents. Performing music on the stage fulfills the desire of the little musicians’ natural creative spirit. Therefore, we organise overseas tour concerts, music sharing sessions, end-of-term concerts, online concerts and music corners every year. Moreover, students are proud of representing our school to compete in different music contests such as, Hong Kong School Music Festival, Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows, Hong Kong Joint School Music Association contest, etc.