Aims and Objectives
  • To develop pupils’ understanding and acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and computational skills
  • To develop pupils’ ability to think, communicate and solve problems with confidence and enjoyment
  • To assist students in developing the ability to apply Mathematics in everyday situations
  • To offer a variety of approaches to teaching and learning to engage and motivate students
  • To set challenging targets for all students, e.g. to reason logically, to classify, to generalize and to prove
  • Features
    We make good use of e-Learning resources to enhance students’ learning effectiveness and arouse their interests, e.g. Kahoot, Classkick, Nearpod, GeoGebra, Wordwall, TT Rockstars, etc. These platforms can make learning and teaching more interactive. We also conduct regular activities such as Inter-class Online Platform Competitions, Inter-class Speed Challenge, Mathematics Trail, etc., to enhance students’ enjoyment of learning Mathematics. We believe the more they participate in these activities, the better they learn.
    In order to upgrade students’ mathematical proficiency, school-based Mathematics enrichment materials are designed across all levels. Students are also required to complete a Mathematics STEM Project, in order to apply all the knowledge they have learnt. Students would acquire skills to solve daily life problems or to do further exploration. Structured enhancement programmes are offered to our gifted mathematicians to broaden their horizons by participating in international mathematics competitions.