Primary Science
Aims and Objectives
  • To provide a platform for students to construct new understandings and knowledge of science, technology and humanities
  • To foster the development of generic skills and positive attitudes
  • Features
    We believe that students construct knowledge through experience. A school-based Science curriculum for Primary 1 – 3 is developed in order to provide opportunities for students to construct knowledge as an active learner. Students act like ‘little scientists’ to carry out scientific investigations in Primary Science lessons. Besides, project learning is incorporated into the General Studies and Primary Science curriculum. Students at each level will apply prior knowledge to explore new information in a meaningful way.
    A variety of activities are organised to enrich students’ learning beyond the classroom. A STEAM project provides students a platform to create and express ideas using different kinds of Information Technology tools. School visits are arranged for each level, which helps students to connect the knowledge learnt with real-life situations.